Racial Justice Toolkit

Racial Justice for Youth

Community Education

Educate communities about the over-criminalization of youth of color and advance the fight
for racial justice.

Confronting Bias

Combat systemic racial injustice and confront personal biases that affect the representation
of youth of color.

Case Advocacy

 Advocate for racial justice
at every stage of a case and
fight racially-biased

Policy Advocacy

Participate in legislative processes to advocate for more favorable laws with a legislative and systemic advocacy action plan.

Social Media Advocacy

Advance racial justice reform in juvenile and criminal legal systems with social media and
influence networks.

A Toolkit for Defenders

Developed in partnership with Georgetown Law's Juvenile Justice Clinic & Initiative, the Racial Justice Toolkit provides resources for youth defenders and advocates who are committed to advancing racial justice in court, in policy advocacy, and in their communities.

Originally provided to defenders on a standalone website, the Toolkit is now housed on The Gault Center's site, so that youth defenders can access the Toolkit's wealth of resources as they search the national clearinghouse of youth defense resources.


Racial Justice for Youth: A Toolkit for Defenders is a collaboration between the Georgetown Juvenile Justice Clinic & Initiative and The Gault Center.

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