Florida: An Assessment of Access to Counsel & Quality of Representation in Delinquency Proceedings (2006)

The information in this report was collected by a team of experts from across the country and Florida, with the guidance of a dedicated advisory board of Florida stakeholders and the support of the Florida Supreme Court, Florida Bar Association, Florida Public Defender’s Association and the elected Public Defenders. Observers traveled to 10 of Florida’s 20 judicial circuits to observe courtroom proceedings and to interview judges, prosecutors, probation staff, public defenders, other appointed counsel, detention personnel, youth, and other stakeholders.

Comprehensive national juvenile justice standards developed by the American Bar Association and delinquency court guidelines promulgated by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges provided a foundation for the assessment and set forth a road map for best practices. State laws, court rules, advisory and ethical opinions, Florida Public Defender Association caseload standards, and scholarly writings provided additional guidance about the role and responsibility of defense counsel in delinquency proceedings.

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Tags: Access to Counsel, Quality of Representation, Youth Defense Systems