Practice and policy resources for youth defenders

The Gault Center serves as the national clearinghouse of youth defense resources.

To improve the quality of and access to youth defense, we create, compile, and distribute resources youth defenders can use to enhance their representation of children in court and to reform state and local policies that impact young people.

Our resource library provides a wide range of resources for youth defenders, policy advocates, juvenile legal system professionals, youth and families, lawmakers, media, and the general public. If you’re a youth defender or other member of a youth defense team, please sign up to access our defender-only resources.

Please note: the content in our resource library does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Gault Center.

The Gault Center has also compiled a number of special collections of resources, including a trial manual, resources on racial justice, and more. See the special collections below, or browse the whole resource library.

Special Collections

New Defenders

On this page, new defenders will find programs and materials to help you explore opportunities in youth defense.

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Trial Manual

The Trial Manual for Defense Attorneys in Juvenile Delinquency Cases is intended as a guide for youth defense attorneys and provides a detailed chronological examination of each step in handling a delinquency case.

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Racial Justice Toolkit

Developed in partnership with Georgetown Law’s Juvenile Justice Clinic & Initiative, the Racial Justice Toolkit provides resources for youth defenders and advocates who are committed to advancing racial justice in court, in policy advocacy, and in their communities.

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