Cause of Action: Fulfilling the Promise of Gault

Fifty-five years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Fourteenth Amendment requires states to provide youth with counsel in delinquency proceedings. Almost six decades later, an overwhelming majority of states have not met this obligation. Cause of Action: Fulfilling the Promise of Gault describes the constitutional obligation of states to ensure that young people have access to counsel and how the U.S. Department of Justice should use its authority to hold states accountable for that failure.

Teen Vogue op-ed on Racial Disparities in Juvenile Courts

Educating teenagers about the harms and racial disparities inherent in the juvenile legal system, along with the history of the system, is vital to ensuring the liberty interests of court-involved youth. Gault Center Youth Defense Counsel HyeJi Kim speaks directly to adolescents in her op-ed, “The Juvenile Justice System Punishes Black and Brown Youth for Minor Infractions,” to provide young people with empowering information to make change.

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Defending Youth Searched at School

To kick off the 70th year of the historic U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education and in recognition of the vast inequities that continue to plague the public school system and disproportionately harm Black, Latino/a, Native/Indigenous, and other youth, the Gault Center has released a new resource for youth defenders: Defending Youth Who Have Been Stopped, Searched, or Interrogated at School.

Defenders of Youth Rights

The Gault Center supports a community of youth defenders who dedicate their legal practice to defending children in delinquency court. To maintain, grow, and diversify the community, the Gault Center organizes and delivers innovative trainings; responds to requests for assistance and support; and facilitates innovation between youth defenders in urban, rural, remote, and tribal communities in every state and territory.

Racial Justice

Young people in the legal system, who are disproportionately Black, Latino/a, and Indigenous, rarely receive the benefit of a childhood in which mistakes are made and then learned from and remedied. The Gault Center’s Racial Justice work is two-pronged: confronting bias and unequal treatment against young people as they navigate the court system and making an intentional effort to diversify the ranks of youth defenders.

Data & Research

Establishing effective youth defense services requires the development of youth defense data collection systems, a comprehensive research agenda, and state-by-state assessment of youth defense systems. Assessments provide a framework to identify gaps and strengths in youth defense services, amass information, and generate knowledge about the underlying condition of a youth defense system.

Regional Centers

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By The Numbers

States Assessed

The Gault Center has evaluated youth defense systems in 28 states, providing state leaders, justice stakeholders, and the public with a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and deficits of children’s defense and offering recommendations tailored to the state to enhance due process protections for children.


Resources Developed

Through reports, issue briefs, policy statements, training curricula, and other publications, the Gault Center has developed a vast library of resources to improve the practice of lawyers representing young people.


Defenders Trained

Every year, the Gault Center hosts the Youth Defender Leadership Summit, the only national gathering of its kind to inspire and energize youth defenders from every state, and Summer Academy, a weeklong intensive training program for new and experienced frontline defenders. Throughout the year, we provide topic-specific training across the country.


Defense Improvements

Through policy development, litigation support, training, and the assessment and evaluation of juvenile court systems, the Gault Center has been at the forefront of the movement to ensure young people have rights, representation, and a voice in juvenile court.

Strategic Priorities


Cultivating a community of defenders who represent youth by growing expertise, leadership, and training opportunities 


Tearing down structural racism and confronting bias and unequal treatment of children in the court system 


Ensuring children’s right to counsel is achieved in justice reform efforts from the local to the federal level


Engaging youth and their circles of support to strengthen defenders and communities, while building bridges to common ground and collaboration 

Current Issues

Minimum Age of Prosecution

Over half the states in the U.S. do not set a minimum age of prosecution in juvenile court. And although common sense and international standards compel removal of younger children from the juvenile legal system, these states have yet to heed the call.

Right to Counsel at Interrogation

As early as 1948 the U.S. Supreme Court noted the heightened vulnerability of youth in the interrogation room when in Haley v. Ohio, they stated…


Building a corps of specialized youth defenders What’s At Stake Representing children in juvenile court is a complex and specialized…

Youth in Adult Court

While the Gault Center’s work focuses on the representation of youth in the delinquency system, many defenders must represent youth in both adult and juvenile court, as the number of youth tried as adults has increased drastically over the past two decades.

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Gault Center op-ed in Teen Vogue

In this piece, HyeJi speaks directly to adolescents, to provide young people with empowering information to make change.


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