Our Work

Clearinghouse for Youth Defense Resources

The Gault Center is the national clearinghouse for youth defense resources, training, and technical assistance.

Across the country, youth defenders lack access to the training and resources they need to adequately and zealously defend children in juvenile court.

The Gault Center works to create and distribute resources defenders can use to enhance their representation of children in court and to reform state and local policies that impact young people.

Each year, we provide training to more than 2,000 youth defense attorneys and advocates, respond to nearly 1,000 requests for technical assistance, develop a variety of new resource materials, hold more than 60 planning or training events, disseminate thousands of copies of resource materials, and cultivate the only national website dedicated to offering resources to strengthen youth defense.

To improve the quality of and access to youth defense, The Gault Center provides a wide range of resources aimed at youth defenders’ courtroom practice and youth defense reforms. As a clearinghouse of information for youth defenders, The Gault Center strives to provide a vast array of resources to our community.

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