Our Work


Strong partnerships and collaborations are important in any kind of advocacy and reform work. The Gault Center is proud to work with a large number of national, state, and local organizations on a variety of issues that are integral to the success of our work.

The Gault Center also participates in a wide range of policy coalitions to ensure that the defense of young people’s rights is included in the broader legal system reform dialogue. We actively participate in regular calls and virtual meetings, providing a youth defense perspective and ensuring we stay abreast of youth justice reform efforts, in the following coalitions:

  • Act4JJ Working Group (working with a coalition of youth justice advocates toward reauthorization and implementation of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act);
  • Youth First Initiative (participating as a National Partner in the Youth First Initiative toward decarceration for youth);
  • Justice Roundtable (network of federal criminal justice working groups);
  • Cross-Sector Advocacy Group (organizations working on youth justice, youth homelessness, and child welfare issues);
  • Federal School Discipline Coalition (co-facilitated by the Open Society Policy Center and the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights, working to ensure common goals across any school discipline-related federal legislation); and
  • Coalition of advocates working to raise the minimum age of prosecution in all states.

The Gault Center also serves as a partner on the Fines and Fees National Advisory Board and maintains many close partnerships with other groups, projects, and networks dedicated to advancing youth defense education and policy. The Gault Center seeks to grow collaborations with youth, families, and communities to center their experience in efforts to strengthen youth defense.