2022 Summit Top 10

by Kristina “KK” Kersey, Sr. Youth Defense Counsel


We broadcast Summit from Puerto Rico so we could dance bombas, drink pina coladas, and revolutionize youth defense, and I can confirm we did all of the above.

If you missed Summit, well, you missed a lot. Please make better life choices next year. But the least I can do is rub it in your face with this top 10.


  1. “He was our dragon.”

Julian Claudio Gotay did not oversell Senator Jose A. Vargas Vidot.


  1. “Rebellion is built on hope.”

There were a few pearls of wisdom dropped during the state court advocacy panel, but this one from Bob Chang of the Korematsu Center stuck with me. That, and when Brooke Burns said we have to “Take what is given to us and use it . . . even if it is a pile of poo,” when discussing Second Amendment and equal protection arguments.


  1. “‘Oscar needs to clean up that garbage can.’ No, Oscar needs stable housing.”

Professor Pinckney on his Oscar the Grouch t-shirt.


  1. HyeJi Kim devotees

The rest of the community got to see what we at Team Gault have been celebrating all year, which is the arrival of HyeJi Kim. I haven’t felt so amped about Department of Justice investigations since, well, HyeJi taught me about them six months ago.

And in response to your tweet, Angela Chang, yes, we can start a fan club.


  1. “Eighty-five percent of counties do not have access to abortion care, and 66 clinics have shuttered their doors post-Dobbs.”

Laura Cohen giving the disclaimer that she is “no reproductive rights expert” and then expertly and completely terrified us with her Handmaid’s Tale recap of the landscape of youth defense following the Dobbs decision.


  1. Gault Fellow All-Stars

You might not have met our Gault Fellows because they were busy working the AV table and facilitating the Youth Experiential Learning Simulation and checking people in and running virtual workshops. One of our fellows even has her own entrance music for team meetings.


  1. The fa-shun

Was there a panelist with rainbow socks peeking out from his suit pants? Yes. Were there outfit changes throughout the day? Sí. Was there an offer from Telfar Clemens to send me a Telfar bag to carry at next year’s Summit? No. Not yet.


  1. The community

You know those great black and white photographs that surface of Eartha Kitt and James Dean playing bongos together at some party in the 50s, or Elvis at the White House with Richard Nixon? That is the vibe this photo gives me.

  1. The jams

The Gault Center is nothing if not exhausted intentional. I double-dog dare you to listen to our Summit playlist and not be firmly convinced you can single-handedly take on the system.


  1. The little nonprofit that did

Eleven women pulled off a hybrid virtual and in-person Summit for more than 530 people. All 50 states and three territories were represented. Heck, not even an unstable power grid or an actual hurricane could stop us. We don’t just think we can, think we can, think we can . . . we know we can.

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